Cisco 2960 switch also upgradeable with OCXO clock

Our Cisco Meraki upgrades are well known by many audio enthusiasts all over the world. see But we can also upgrade your Cisco 2960 series switch. The same upgrades (basic + OCXO clock) are possible for the same prices. And the Cisco 2960 sounds surprisingly good !!

OCXO clock upgrade for Melco server

This week we upgraded two Melco music servers with an OCXO clock. A Melco N1A and a Melco N1Z is upgraded with our very precise and ultra low noise OCXO clock. In the listening test at the end the benefits of an OCXO clock were distinct. Click here for more info about the upgrade

PCIe card oxco-upgraded

Today we upgraded our PCIe audio outputcard with a very precise 5PPB OCXO clock. In this particular case it is a Pink Faun I2S PCIe digital audio card. The clock is a 24.576 MHz type. The new OCXO clock is mounted on the back of the PCIe card. Be aware of the fact you need […]

SFP: multi or single mode

For a few months now we have been using, to our great satisfaction, a SFP/fiber connection between the two Cisco Meraki switches. At the time the original Cisco SFP multi mode modules seems to be the logical choice in combination with the orange MM duplex fiber cable. The sonic advantages were clearly present compared to […]

Cisco Meraki Upgrade

Just shipped two OCXO clock upgraded Meraki’s to the Czech Republic. Happy listening Jiri !!

OCXO Clock

Today the Cisco Meraki is upgraded with an ultra precise and ultra low noise OCXO clock. What a difference! A new sound …..

Switch upgrade

Another satisfied customer with his upgraded Cisco Meraki “more depth …. more layers … more speed …Thanks a lot”