Melco Server OCXO-clock upgrade

We achieved very good results with OCXO-clock upgrading of digital audio equipment. A customer asked ‘can you upgrade my Melco?’
Yes we can !
We can upgrade your Melco N1-A and N1-Z server

Important! Before sending a product to upgrade, please contact in advance. To upgrade your product, the product needs to be send to:
The Netherlands

Price: €565 ex VAT


The clock of the Melco is a smd type clock mounted at the back of the mainboard. We carefully un-solder the old clock. The solder paths on the mainboard are very fragile and very thin. So we have to operate very cautious.

The used OCXO-clock is a extremely precise and ultra low noise clock.

Specs of the OCXO clock : Click here

Melco N1 OCXO-clock

The cable from mainboard to the OCXO-clock is special made for this purpose. The cable is about 20cm long and it’s very good shielded with copper-foil. One side of the cable is ‘grounded’ and the other side is ‘floating’.

The clock needs a clean 5Vdc power supply. There are no spare 5Vdc pins on the mainboard. So we made a dedicated power supply for the OCXO-clock. Its a double-filtered dc-to-dc converter and it works fine.

And how it sounds …. ??

Yes… The OCXO-clock does the magic again; More details, more dynamics, black background, less harshness…

Melco N1 OCXO-clock overview
Melco N1Z OCXO clock-2
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