OCXO Clock

Today the Cisco Meraki is upgraded with an ultra precise and ultra low noise OCXO clock. What a difference! A new sound …..

3 thoughts on “OCXO Clock”

  1. Hi Hans, Now after the first week I can already say that it is a major improvement to the unmodified switch.
    It removes the rest of harshness, all digital glare is gone. I think thats my final digital frontend. Bye, Bernd (Germany)

  2. Hi Hans I received the Switch with the basic upgrade and OCXO clock and the result is amazing on linear power supply. The sound is more spatial, the background noise has receded, I rediscover the dematerialized music on my system. Beautiful realization Jluc (France)

  3. Hi Hans, I am writing to thank you and let you know that everything went well. What I did not expect was the magnitude of the upgrade. The sound stage opened up in a very dramatic way and removed a lot of noise.
    Thanks, Jose (USA)

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