OCXO Clock

Today the Cisco Meraki is upgraded with an ultra precise and ultra low noise OCXO clock. What a difference! A new sound …..

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  1. Hi Hans, Now after the first week I can already say that it is a major improvement to the unmodified switch.
    It removes the rest of harshness, all digital glare is gone. I think thats my final digital frontend. Bye, Bernd (Germany)

  2. Hi Hans I received the Switch with the basic upgrade and OCXO clock and the result is amazing on linear power supply. The sound is more spatial, the background noise has receded, I rediscover the dematerialized music on my system. Beautiful realization Jluc (France)

  3. Hi Hans, I am writing to thank you and let you know that everything went well. What I did not expect was the magnitude of the upgrade. The sound stage opened up in a very dramatic way and removed a lot of noise.
    Thanks, Jose (USA)

  4. John Wijers

    Dag Hans, hier een reactie: Dank voor het upgraden van mijn HP 2610 switch. Het is een groot verschil met jouw OCXO klokken. Ruimtelijkheid en ritme veel beter en de 2e en 3e stem hoor je gewoon heel mooi. Meer controle in het laag en veel meer lucht, diepte en dynamiek
    ps: ben van me stoel gevallen en dat gebeurd niet vaak. Zo mooi ! gr john wijers

  5. Hello Hans, I received the Cisco yesterday, thank you so much for a very good work and fast delivery!!
    My music now is really on a new level, its really amazing!
    Best regards, Rainer (DE)

  6. Ten tunes in and it sounds fuckin amazing. Was sceptical how much of a difference it makes but very easy to hear the difference. Massive improvement .
    Thanks, Ian (UK)

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