Cisco Meraki Switch OCXO clock upgrade

Upgrade your Cisco Meraki and experience a totally new sound …

The standard cisco meraki MS220 network switch is a very fine switch and performs very well. See test on Alpha-Audio (Dutch)

But when you upgrade your switch you will enter a new sonic level. The upgraded Meraki switch will outperform the Bonn N8, the Uptone Etherregen and the Sotm.

Important! Before sending a product to upgrade, please contact me in advance. 

To upgrade your product, the product needs to be send to:

The Netherlands

Price: €445 ex Vat


  • The internal clock of the switch will be removed and replaced by an ultra high precision en ultra low noise OCXO clock. The OCXO clock comes with an extremely low noise power regulation on its own pcb.
  • The clock requires 5V/600mA and will be connected to the main PSU.
  • An additional dc connector can be placed to enable a seperate 5Vdc psu for the clock for ultimate sonic results.
  • More specs for the OCXO clock : Click here

This upgrade is also available for the Cisco 2960 switch

The Audiophool upgraded Meraki is reviewed by HEADquarter audio. Click here for the review

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