Basic upgrade ‘upgraded’

Our Basic Upgrade for switches is well known by a lot of audio enthusiasts all over the world.
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But now we found another critical spot on the mainboard of the Cisco Meraki MS220 switch and we made an extra modification for it.
This modification includes two extra capacitors placed on this critical spot on the mainboard; a big Silver capacitor in combination with a Nichicon Muse KZ series capacitor.

We had this extra modification tested by our customers to be sure this mod will be significant. This is what they say: “all is more..quietness..details.. microdetails..more dynamics..purer..more natural…better placing of instruments…”

From now on (14-feb-2022) the basic upgrade for the Meraki MS220 switch will include this extra modification and the total price for the basic upgrade will be €125 ex. VAT .

Customers who had already upgraded their Cisco Meraki MS220 switch and want to have this extra modification can send their switch to us. This extra modification costs €40 ex. VAT.
This extra modification is only possible for the Cisco MS220 switch.

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