Audiophool introduces Music Server 2.0

Finally after two years of development, testing and tuning we are thrilled to introduce our new server 2.0

Our music server 2.0 sets the new standard for an ultimate, analog, involving music experience for a very competitive price. The Music Server plays local stored music files as well as high-res streams like Tidal or Qobuz. Roon server is the default playback software.
Only high quality components are used and the two linear power supplies are in-house developed and manufactured. The digital output is taken care by a seperate high-end audiocard with its own linear powersupply.
The software of our Music server is in-house developed, fully tuned and based on real time kernel processing which has very low latency characteristics. All internal processes and tasks are optimized for the most analog and fluent music reproduction. Multiple core processing is enabled to seperate the main OS processes from the Audio processes.

The standard Music Server 2.0 plays at a very high level. However, you can upgrade the Server 2.0 to a next level by several tuning devices like an OCXO clock, a seperate network-card and a capacitor tuning pack. Ask for the possibilities.

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Click here for review by HEADquarter Audio

4 thoughts on “Audiophool introduces Music Server 2.0”

  1. Hallo Hans. Ik ben zeer tevreden met de music server 2.0. Het aansluiten ging erg eenvoudig en de server speelt met groot gemak mijn eigen muziek bestanden en streaming tegelijk. Het geluid is rijk, gedetailleerd en zeer natuurlijk. Bijkomend effect is dat door het fenomenale geluid mijn interesse naar goede muziek alleen maar is toegenomen en het herontdekken van muziek-albums is een genot. Dank !

  2. Hi Hans
    Here’s my review for the AudioPhool Music Server 2.0 :
    Back in 2022 I wanted to improve the sound of my Roon streaming setup (Sonic Transporter i5, Ether Regen, Lumin U1/LuminX1/OpticalRendu and others) and decided to start with the ethernet chain first. I bought two Cisco Meraki MS220 switches and had them upgraded with OCXO clock and PSU from AudioPhool, which made a big improvement in sound quality.
    However my streaming system still didn’t meet the sound quality when playing CD’s from my Jay’s Audio CDT3 mk3 transport, which annoyed me a lot.
    This year I therefore decided to upgrade the rest of my streaming system and bought the AudioPhool Music Server 2.0. After a few weeks burnin time the sound quality of my streaming system now surpasses the CD transport, which I therefore have sold.
    The sound from the AudioPhool Music Server 2.0 is very clean and clear with a huge soundstage and great rhythm. On top of that the server is very fast and it works great with Roon. Another thing about the AudioPhool music server that I really like is that it can be upgraded with better ethernet – and sound cards to meet your personal taste I really enjoy listening to streaming audio now and it is good to know that if I have any problems or questions Hans is always ready to help.
    Johnny, Denmark

  3. Me and a couple of audiophile friends compared the Audiophool server to a Grimm MU1 and while both being really good, we all agreed the Audiophool was superior.
    Thank you Hans for making such a good product!
    Luis (USA)

  4. Hallo Hans,
    The server is here, Everything is set up now and playing . I thought there would be no big difference before burn in but I was so wrong. The air between the tones is much much cleaner, generally more definition, more open free staging and livelier dynamics. I realized within the first 10 seconds this is a Very high end peace of kit????
    Thank you so much for creating this and have a nice weekend!
    Mit besten Grüßen , Florian (DE)

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