AudioPhool Music Server 2.0

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The Audiophool music server 2.0 is a powerful and sustainable platform for ultimate digital audio playback. It is developed with just one goal in mind: Music, music and…music.

The music server 2.0 is a headless server fully and only dedicated to music reproduction. The oversized computer-based hardware enables low latency and low buffers for the most natural, fluent and analog music experience. For the digital output you can choose between SPDIF-AES/EBU, USB or I2S.

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The excellent musicality of the Server 2.0 is made possible by the combination of special tuned hardware, AudioLinux software and in-house developed linear powersupplies. Unnecessary processes and tasks are eliminated and each audio process is handled by its own processor-core. You can play your own local stored music files or you can stream high-res music by Tidal or Qobuz. Roon is the default playback software.

AMD Ryzen 6-core processor. Music and OS processes are handled seperately
Passive cpu cooler by heatpipe technology
8 GB DDR4 memory
M.2 NVMe SSD storage for AudioLinux OS. We shut down the SATA process for more fluent sound
Digital audio output is taken care by a seperate high-end audiocard and can be chosen between USB, SPDIF-AES/EBU or I2S.

Double Linear Power Supplies
It is very important to use seperate (on powertransformer level) linear powersupplies. By using seperate powersupplies the main audio processes will not interact with each other and it contributes to a much smoother sound.
The ‘in house’ developed linear power supplies contains audio-grade powertransformers, ultra low noise circuits, Mosfet diodes, Mundorf Mlytic buffer-caps (200.000uF), teflon filter caps, Nichicon Muse KZ caps and silver caps.

Audiolinux OS. Multiple core processing.
Roon is pre-installed

Tuning extras (ask for the possibilities)
– OCXO clock
– Seperate Network card
– Capacitor tuning-pack including Miflex caps

Full black aluminium and perspex backplate
Front:  black or silver
Internal anti-vibration platform

Width 44,5 cm, height 14 cm, depth 43 cm
Weight 15 kg

Price €4450,- excl of Vat and (Roon-)playback software

Front Color

black, Silver

Digital output



Standard, OCXO +€550, Ultra OCXO +€1250


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