Cisco Meraki Switch basic upgrade

Upgrade your Cisco Meraki and experience a totally new sound …

The standard cisco meraki MS220 network switch is a very fine switch and performs very well. See test on Alpha-Audio (Dutch)

But when you upgrade your switch you will enter a new sonic level. The upgraded Meraki switch will outperform the Bonn N8, the Uptone Etherregen and the Sotm.

Important! Before sending a product to upgrade, please contact me in advance. 

To upgrade your product, the product needs to be send to:

The Netherlands

Price: €135 ex. Vat for Cisco Meraki MS220 switch
            €105 ex. Vat for other switches


  • removal of the two interfere switching power supplies
  • apply a 5.5/2.1 dc connector for an external PSU
  • apply a very big silver capacitor on the main PCB
  • Only for Cisco Meraki MS220 switch : placing an extra big silver cap and a Nichicon Muse KZ cap on a critical point on the mainboard
  • apply organic polymer caps on various places on the circuit
  • apply RFI shielding material
  • The DC connector on the back is a basic 5.5/2.1 connector. In combination with the Audiophool ‘MERAKI’ PSU the switch will be assembled with a ‘grounded’ XLR connector. The Cisco Meraki plays better with an ‘earth’-link.

This upgrade is also available for the Cisco Catalyst 2960 and the D-Link DGS 1210-10 switch
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