Audiophool Music Server 2.1

Audiophool Music Server 2.1 is ready to be launched

One year ago we launched our Music Server 2.0 and our music server found its way to many music lovers all over the world. Now it’s time to introduce our Server 2.1 . Could it be even better ? Yes !!
We have been developing, testing and tuning our own Arch-Linux distribution OS for more than half a year and the result is amazing!
And we have also developed a new more efficient power supply for the mainboard. For this new psu we have applied completely new techniques in combination with ‘old school’ big components like  200.000uF Mundorf Mlytic caps and silver caps and a very fine Miflex copper/polypropylene cap.
The server 2.1 plays at a different level. More dynamics, cleaner and smoother sound, more details and …… more Music !!
The new server will be introduced at the Dutch Audio Event at 7 and 8 october.

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8 thoughts on “Audiophool Music Server 2.1”

  1. Wolfgang Sasse

    After all my experiences with NUCs, Lumin Streamer with external Power supply …and the Audiophool Meraki switch…I decided to go for the Server 2.1. What shall I say…that‘s the best investment in Digital Audio I ever made.
    The Server is..after the burn-in ..a mighty device. More important than Ultra-Highend DACs for Ultra-Highend prices. In my set-up. Musik, Musik, Musik… Thank you Hans! You are a real digital wizard:-) and I can highly recommend each of your products! Wolfgang

  2. Hi Hans, de server begint nu echt ‘los’ te komen….ronduit fantastisch….alle gordijnen (waarvan ik niet wist dat die er waren) gaan open…
    Gr, Schelto

  3. Hi Hans,
    Ik heb nu een tijdje naar jullie server 2.1 mogen luisteren maar jullie server is een zwaar bewaard geheim in de ultra high-end.
    De server die muziek maakt en laat beleven !!
    Thanx, gr, Rene

  4. Guten Morgen, ich habe bis 2.00 Uhr Musik gehört. Es ist so viel besser, aber heute Nacht wurde es überragend! Die Musikalität ist super und noch deutlich besser. Man ist wie live dabei. Echte Mitte, irres Staging… aber die Aufnahme muss gut sein. Vielen Dank..

  5. Hi Hans, last words, I dont want to stretch your nerves but wanted to say thank you again. It sounds so legendary and musical I cant take the server out of my system from now. There is no music without it????
    Thanks, Florian (DE)

  6. During the last few years I’ve been on the quest to find an end game solution for my digital setup so I’ve been testing several streamers and DACs, starting with the Bluesound and ending with the Audiophool 2.1 server.
    Every step was an upgrade in sound quality and I now know I will be hard pressed to find anything much better at ANY price point.
    This was my progression:
    Bluesound Node
    Ifi Zen
    Lumin U1 mini
    Lumin U1 mini with Sbooster
    Auralic Aries g2.1
    Lumin X1
    Grimm MU1
    Audiophool server 2.0
    Audiophool server 2.1

    Thank you Hans for making a VALUE QUALITY product!
    Carlo (USA)

  7. I installed my music sertver 2.1 three weeks ago and copied 650GB music files (PCM16/24 FLAC & DSD64/128 DSF) to the internal SSD of the server and then configured the factory-installed MinimServer/MinimStreamer music streaming application – which is also supported by AudioPhool.
    After three weeks of continuous burn-in I experienced the following sound quality improvements:
    – There is much more clarity and transparency – also layers of musical instruments can be distinguished better
    – There is a gentler musical timing and separation between (groups) of instruments – especially within complex symphonic works and chamber music (e.g. piano trios)
    – But most importantly: the sound is just more friendly, involving, and natural – wood instruments sound more like real wood and brass instruments sound more like real brass
    I thought I already had done everything to make my audio system natural sounding, but obviously one needs a high-quality music server with his excellent dedicated power supplies for ultimate digital audio playback.
    my audio stack: AudioPhool music server 2.1 – SOtM sNH-10G switch – Weiss 501 MKII DAC – ASR Emitter II excl. amp. – Harbeth 40.

    Thanks, Ad

  8. Hi Hans, Thanks for your excellent server. The Audiophool music server provides more texture and more spatial clues in the sound providing much better information about the recording room. The Audiophool server presents the instruments more localized and produces wider and deeper soundstage. My cables do exactly what your server does in imaging and that is providing much more spatial information and deeper and wider soundstage.
    Cheers, Lubos (USA)

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