Multi Meraki test

Inspired by Paul Pang’s Quad switch we asked ourselves ‘Is more…..more?’ We decided to do a multi Meraki test and to see if adding switches will do the magic. 

For the test we chose three audio test-tracks: 
– Till Bronner, Thousend kisses deep (Qobuz) 
– Melody Gardot, love song (Qobuz) 
– Beethoven, string quartet No. 12 in E-flat Major, Op. 127 (Qobuz) 

We already had concluded that two switches increase the sonic performance and the upgrade with an OCXO clock gives a new sound. So, our starting point is two upgraded Meraki’s both powered by our ‘Silver’ lpsu and connected to each other by SFP/Fiber. And the last switch, the one closest to the music server, is also upgraded with an OCXO clock. 

First test Both switches with an OCXO clock: The first Meraki is removed and replaced by an OCXO upgraded Meraki.  

Wow !!! This is a major improvement. We didn’t expect this level of sonic progress : Bigger stage, wider image, more depth, more dynamics, more definition. The violins played very smooth. No harshness at all.
Very surprising !!

Second test Adding a third OCXO upgraded Meraki to the network-chain. There are three now.

The results were a bit disappointing. We couldn’t hear a major progress. The stage didn’t change and the image was just as wide as before. The experience of depth was the same and the violins played as smooth as before. 

But we could notice a subtile but clear increase in the definition and serenity of the music played. 

Third test Adding a fourth OCXO Meraki in the chain.

The results were exactly the same as in the second test. No extra magic. Although we also noticed a slight increase in definition and serenity.  

It was fun to test and we think the optimum has reached by two OCXO clock upgraded Meraki’s connected by SFP/Fiber and individually powered by a very fine linear power supply. 

Enjoy listening  


  1. Hallo Hans,

    Op je site las ik de test met de 2 gemodificeerde Cisco Meraki’s. Nu had ik al in de nieuwsbrief van Alpha Audio gelezen dat de standaard Meraki’s goede switches zijn, dus ik was erg nieuwsgierig hoe jouw gemodificeerde en in serie geplaatste Cisco’s zouden klinken. Ik heb maandag de met beide upgrades (basic plus OCXO-clock) switches ontvangen. Eenmaal aangesloten wist ik niet wat ik hoorde! Ongelooflijk, mijn set speelt in een andere dimensie; de muziekbeleving is nu zo intens. Ik ben zo blij met deze geweldige upgrade!

    Met vriendelijke groet, Jack

  2. Hi and good morning! Could you provide the interpret of the Beethoven piece of music? Thx, Michael

  3. Hi Hans,
    I made good power cables to your silver PSU. With two Meraki OCXO switches I have been playing for 3 weeks.
    The only thing I can say: The sound is incredible. Simply – movement in detail, purity, space, reverberation.
    Thanks Hans for your service
    Bye, Josef (Czech Republic)

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