Linear PSU SILVER 5V/12V

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New range of SILVER power supplies

A completely new design with the best components.

Introducing linear rectifying in audio:
No use of diodes, no loss of energy, no loss of dynamics.

12Vdc/1.5A or 5Vdc/3A

115Vac / 230Vac


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The Audiophool ‘Silver’ PSU is the ultimate PSU for digital devices such as switches, D/A converters and digital audio PCIe cards.

The PSU has a very efficient RFI/EMI filter using a.o. a large common mode choke and a big silver capacitor. The circuit is ultra stable and ultra low noise based on a non-toroide isolation-transformer and has a very large buffer-capacity. Exclusive use of high quality components such as ultra low resistance MosFets, paper in oil caps and a very large silver capacitor at the output.

The PSU has an output of 12Vdc/1.5A or 5V/3A and has a double outputconnector: A standard 5.5/2.1 connector and a grounded XLR connector. Switches and streamers will benefit of an ‘ground’-link.

The cabinet is a combination of aluminium, black coated metal and polycarbonate.

A standard dc-cable 5.5/2.1 – 5.5/2.1 or XLR-XLR 0.5 meter is included.

12Vdc/1.5A or 5Vdc/3A

115Vac / 230Vac


5Vdc/3A, 12Vdc/1.5A


115Vac, 230Vac


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