Music Server

The Audiophool music server is a powerful and sustainable open platform for ultimate digital audio playback. It plays with great ease Roon, Jplay, Qobuz, Tidal and many more mediaplayers and streaming services.
The oversized computer-based hardware enables low latency and low buffers for the most natural, fluent and analog music experience.
All computer hardware is powered by TWO ! seperate linear power supplies with high grade components like Mundorf Mlytic and silver capacitors. The digital audio output is taken care of by a high end audio-card and can be chosen between SPDIF/AES-EBU, USB or I2S.

Intel Core I5 quad-core processor
Passive cpu cooler
8 GB DDR4 memory
500 GB SSD storage
Digital audio output: USB, SPDIF or I2S by Pink Faun ‘Bridge’ PCIe card

Double Linear Power Supplies
1) Linear 12V/10A PSU for motherboard and CPU : 200VA audio-grade transformer, Schottky diodes, 200.000uF Mundorf Mlytic buffer-caps, pio filter caps, low noise circuit, Nichicon Muse KZ caps
2) Seperate 5V linear PSU for the PCIe audio outputcard : special isolation transformer, Schottky diodes, high grade buffer caps, pio filter caps, very big silver output capacitor

Windows10 intensively optimized for high end audio playback.
Roon is pre-installed

Internal anti-vibration platform. Black aluminium case and front, perspex backplate

€2950,- excl playback software.

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